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RF-A40 Auger Filler(dust proof)


Model: RF-A40


The A40 auger filler uses lifting tray to control the dust flowing.It is escially suitable for the fluidic or low-fluidity materials,like coffee powder whrat flour,condiment,solid drink,veterinary drugs,dextrose,dextrose,pharmaceuticals,powder additive,talcum powder,agriculture pesticide,dyestuff,etc.

Technical parameter

* Weight feedback and proportion track get rid of the shortage of variable packaged weight for varous proportion of different material.
* Has 2 Optional dosing choice: Volumetric or Weigning.
* Servo motor-driven: Giving a high precision,high torque as well as automatic error correction system,failure warning ensures the reliable performance.
* The Auger Filler can be upgraded to fill by Weight if required.
* Efficient dust collecting system keeps the machine and workshop clean.

Suitable for filling: Milk powder,feed,rice flour,suger,coffice,monosoduim glutamate,solid medicine,pesticide,animal medicine,additive,dye,cacao powder,dextrose,spice,carbon powder,toilet powder,etc.

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